PostScript Resources

There are numerous sources of information on PostScript, both print and available over the web. This is only a small list of some of the things you may find of interest. Note, remember that the web is a disorganized beast, these sites and resources may or may not be accessible at the moment. Please let me know if they vanish or if you find something interesting that you think should be added here.

comp.lang.postscript: this newsgroup covers all topics related to PostScript. This is a good source of information.
The used to be a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) related to PostScript. The list vanished recently, and I have been unable to track it down again. If you happen to have found it, let me know. It should be posted on comp.lang.postscript on a fairly regular basis, in any event.
There are a number of previewers available for different platforms. Many of them are commercial packages, but there is one which runs on most platforms which is freely available. It is the GhostScript previewer (which is part of the GNU project). GhostScript is available from many FTP sites (just about anywhere you can find GNU programs). There is a web site dedicated to GhostScript, however, which may be more convenient.
There are several print books available which cover PostScript in good detail.
Of course, Adobe is online. You can get a number of useful things from their web site.

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