HINT: The Viewer

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Programs to view HINT files


The version 1.3 has a redesigned format for images. It uses and requires version 1.3 of the HINT file format.

Since version 1.1 it supports page templates and besides pk fonts also TrueType, OpenType, and PostScript Type 1 fonts.


The hint viewer software consists of a backend, written in C and several frontends. The backend is reusable, the frontends are specific for an operating system. Currently three frontends are available: for Linux, for Windows and for Android. The Android HintView is joint work with Prof. Gudrun Socher.

Currently the most simple viewer is the viewer for Linux. Its user interface consists just of a few key strokes and mouse movements as described in the man page. All the viewers use the same backend and very similar OpenGL code for the rendering. If you want to investigate the sources or want to implement your own viewer, the Linux viewer is a good starting point.

A book is in preparation. Documented sources will become available with the printed documentation.

Binaries and Sources

Example Files

The following files use the HINT file format version 1.4 and were produced using hitex.

Errata and Improvements


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