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HINT: Hint Is Not TEX

HINT, following a tradition of Free Software, is the recursive acronym for: HINT Is Not TEX

The HINT file format is an alternative to the DVI or PDF format that was designed specifically for on screen reading of documents. Especially on mobile devices, reading DVI or PDF documents can be cumbersome. Mobile devices are available in a large variety of sizes but are typically not large enough to display documents formated for letter-size paper. To compensate for the limitations of a small screen, users are used to alternate between landscape (few long lines) and portrait (more short lines) mode. The HINT format supports variable and varying screen sizes leveraging the ability of TEX to format a document for (almost) arbitrary values of \hsize and \vsize.

HINT consists of four parts:

The HINT project was presented at the TUG2020 Conference. The presentation did appear in proceedings as TUGboat Volume 42, Number 2 and it is available also as part of the HINT video collection.



Since 2011, I maintain the MMIX homepage.

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The Virtual Motherbord

The virtual motherboard provides plug and play hardware simulators. The software and the Virtual Motherboard Homepage is maintained on Sourceforge

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Understanding MP3 - Syntax, Semantics, Mathematics, and Algorithms

Thanks to Amazon Direct Publishing the book is again available in print directly from Amazon

The book has two main objectives:

To explain the syntax, the semantics, the mathematics, the software, and the purpose that is inherent in an MPEG audio bit stream, and to provide a highly efficient, general purpose implementation of a decoder, called mp32pcm, that can transform such a bit stream into an ordinary stream of PCM data.

More deatils and code can be found on the Understanding MP3 Page.

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m3w- A mp3 streamer for the www

While working on mp3, I wrote a streamer for sending audio to a streaming server, for example icecast.